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The Green Planet Products Inc.

Welcome to Green Planet Products, Inc.

We specialize in our own Proprietary Brand Products such as BLINK™ Torches, Lighter & Butane, SPRIG™ Air Freshener Products, TOKEN™ flavored and non flavored Rolling Papers & smoking accessories, CHAMP™ Detox Drinks, Brix™ & Reché™ Pocket Colognes and Perfumes, MALHI™ Squeegees and Scrapers, NIGHT BULLET™ Male Enhancement Supplement, LFTD™ Smoking Accessories, plus many other smoke shop products such as hookahs, wood pipes, etc.

How We Got Started
Green Planet Products inc. was established in 1997 to offer competitive quality products nationwide to our loyal distributors and customers. We are located in Southern California and our goal as a business is simple: To provide the best service and products to distributors, wholesalers and smoke shops at a competitive rate and fast delivery and tailor our prices to accommodate smoke shop all over the USA and worldwide.

Interested in Partnering With Green Planet Products, Inc?
Our staff has decades of experience and strive to keep our costs as low as possible to maximize the best price we can offer.